01 March 2013

Counting the days until spring

My phenology calendar says that this front yard will have crocuses blooming in it within two weeks.  We've had way more snow than usual this winter (enough to collapse the rabbit fences around the front gardens), there's more falling today, and even more predicted for next week.  That's good for the trees in terms of counteracting recent years' droughts, but it tries the patience of even a seasoned half-Norwegian like me.

One hopeful sign for us Northerners arrives when it becomes possible to see the post holding your mailbox up.  During peak winter conditions that post is covered (and sometimes the mailbox is as well).  Now it's emerging. 

But under all that snow, things are happening.  Mice and voles are traversing little tunnels and scavenging for seeds, and crocuses are pushing upward presumably in response to subtle changes in ground temperatures since they can't detect the lengthening daylight. 

Two more weeks.  Time to tackle the remaining indoor chores, desk chores, tax returns and such.  Because when that snow is gone a whole new set of priorities will take effect.


  1. Little Z and I have heard birds chirping in the early morning when I walk her to the school bus stop. There is hope!

  2. It was in the 80s here in SoCal yesterday and today. We're expecting an onshore flow tomorrow to cool things down a bit. I spent too many winters in Massachusetts and Wisconsin not to LOVE living here.

  3. May crocus are in full bloom at the moment, the very earliest opening almost a month ago. We had a milder than usual winter I think. (Link at my name.)


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