20 September 2012

Mitt Romney's unprecedented unfavorability index

A review of Pew Research Center and Gallup favorability ratings from September finds that Romney is the only presidential candidate over the past seven election cycles to be viewed more unfavorably than favorably.
Via The Dish.


  1. When I see this chart, I really don't get why Gore didn't win in 2000?

  2. @Ellen, ask the Supreme Court. Gore did win the election, but he lost in the court.

  3. @Minnesotastan: I have a cataract, and even using a magnifying glass, it took me three tries to prove I wasn't a robot.

    1. Yes, I understand. I have had a bazillion complaints about the captcha, but it's not something that's under my control. I tried bypassing the captcha, and the blog was immediately flooded by spam.

      I get tired of blogging sometimes.

  4. 2008. Why is the McCain bar (61) higher, bigger, more larger than, the bar for Obama (63) ?
    By about 5mm.
    Secretly anti Obama ?
    Here in New Zealand we all voted for Obama....well we would have if we were in the USA
    I am not a robot. I am a free man.
    And Barbwire has company I am on to my fourth attempt.


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