17 September 2012

Landscape photo resembles abstract painting

The photo represents the mouth of the river falling into the ocean [in Iceland].

“A little bit upstream there is a yellow-colored brook flowing into the river, but yellow currents fail to mix with the main water flow.  One can estimate the scale judging by the car tracks that are clearly seen on the black sand. This is just a river, just a volcano, just our planet.”
An original source link is unfortunately not provided at the allhomosapienswelcome via, but the photographer is identified as Andre Ermolaev.

Addendum:  Reader spyra found the photographer's website.


  1. It looks good enough to print on a large canvas and hang on a wall. I would totally purchase this one.

  2. I was curious of the source and found this for you: http://andreabe.fishup.ru/ via http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/andre-ermolaev-photography#

    1. Thanks, spyra. I've added the source link to the post. I appreciate your help. :.)


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