27 April 2012

An early election map

From HuffPost, where the map is interactive, via The Dish, where it is compared to a second, similar but not identical, map.

There will be a boatload of this kind of analysis over the next six months or so; I plan to blog very little of it, because you can always find this information elsewhere, and while it's very important, it does become tedious with repetition.


  1. Please lay off this stuff. You are correct, we get plenty of it elsewhere, and it's not why we come to this site.

  2. While I agree that we will soon be seeing all to many maps of this sort, please do not hesitate if you should find something that is not getting coverage that is informative and of import.

  3. One I refer to often is this:


    Good and thorough and up-to-date on Presidential, as well as Senatorial and up-for-grabs Congressional seats, with score cards for Electoral votes and Senate and Congress Dem-GOP balances.

    I like to think it is balanced, but perhaps Tea Partiers would not agree.


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