24 September 2011

Rick Perry campaign video

I do not support Rick Perry as a presidential candidate, but I wanted to post this video from his campaign to illustrate how high-quality production values can generate a really persuasive product.

On a related matter, Yglesias has taken issue with Perry's recent assertions re the importance of Israel's security to the United States:
I had a lot of problems with Rick Perry’s remarks on Israel today, but the most striking thing was his throwaway line that “Israel’s security is critical to America’s security.” He didn’t really explain why  that is, because like Benjamin Netanyahu’s contention that “America has no better friend than Israel”, it isn’t true.

The truth is that Israel is a very small country that simply isn’t very important. Israel contains no valuable natural resources, and it does no favors for the United States. 

Which is fine. There are lots of countries whose security isn’t crucial to the United States. Chile, for example. And yet we still enjoy a nice, healthy, state-to-state and society-to-society relationship with Chile. It’s not a slam on Chile to observe that Chilean security isn’t critical to American welfare... We can be friends with Chile, shake hands with Chilean leaders, enjoy their wines, etc. without saying that we need to take Chile’s side in every regional diplomatic dispute, subsidize the Chilean military, or have our politician run around the world making absurd claims about the centrality of Chilean security to our own security.
The link between Zionism and Evangelical Christianity was previously discussed in an article at Mother Jones.


  1. This ad is as inevitable as it is sickening. It's the ultimate expression of decades' worth of politics as theater. Devoid of discussion or fact, it ties all the complexities of today's impossibly-nuanced world into a dazzling package of glowing cliches and loaded images playing straight to the emotions without pesky interference from either reason or intellect.

    Are they right? Do Americans want only stirring images of rippling flags, sexy weapons, and grinning white guys putting the world aright? We certainly cherish our ignorance of history and our contempt for clear thinking. Are we also simply stupid, as the people behind videos like this assume? Guess so.

  2. I've recently been studying Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle for my dissertation and this video gave me the most intense sense of deja vu.

    Also, r.e. Israel; it really is one of the most sickening power-ties between two states that I have ever seen.

  3. Smurfswacker has some great points. The repetition of positions by the blowhards (Rush, Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck, Hannity and all the Fox crew) seems to indoctrinate a large segment of the population. There is no thinking going on, for if there were, most of these people would realize that the stated positions are antithetical to their own interests.

  4. Guy who made this is Lucas Baiano. He made a couple of equally impressive campaign videos for Pawlenty before Pawlenty withdrew. Anybody who can make Pawlenty look exciting is a genius, IMHO.

    Here's a neat blog post from the Minneapolis Star Tribune comparing the videos Baiano did for Pawlenty and Perry. Includes a hilarious segment from Stephen Colbert and a Baiano-style mock campaign video for Newt Gingrich:


    --Swift Loris

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  6. Anyone who has heard the current president speak knows that politics is nothing more than entertainment and marketing. Literally nothing genuine nor substantial comes out of his mouth. I watched the NFL game instead of listening to his speech because I was more likely to learn something from the NFL game.

    This is not to pick on him in particular. The same came be said about any president in the last half century or any current member of congress.

    As for Israel I never saw support for them as anything more than a way to win votes. Although I'm not sure it works ...

    Are there any major political figures of either party that don't support Israel?

  7. Check out Ron Paul, "The Most Pro-Israel Candidate" and the position his blog claims ... then read the comments if you don't mind losing your faith in humanity.

  8. Bret, how is this president different than any one before him? I can only guess that you are only now old enough to know better and will someday realize it has always been this way...
    The prodrule, though, is not the answer either.

  9. I love posters who say Obama is the same as all the others. Also, those who say Dems are the same as Republicans.

    A list of things the GOP WOULD'T have give us the last few years:

    Healthcare reform (before you poo-poo it, research how big its impact is); Wall St Reform; the Stimulus Act (green initiatives, education, health, and energy grants, unemployment benefits and other social welfare provisions); the repeal of DADT; Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Prevention Act; higher emissions standards; 2 women to the court, including a Latina; legal stem cell research; banning torture and ordering GITMO closed; Fair Pay Act,; extending children's health insurance.

    Withdrawing from 2 wars before Republicans wanted this!

    Republicans don't even want to build bridges or repair highways until 2013. Still some of you sat at home while the media told you for 1 year that the Tea Party was going to sweep hundreds into office.


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