31 December 2010


Photographed at Honey Creek State Natural Area, May 2008.  Posted for Andrew and others who miss the old header photo.  Click for slightly larger version.


  1. Put it back the way it was. It's like NEW COKE. :)

  2. LOL I love that anonymous comment. Miss the header pic but I love the new, wider column and wish I knew how to do that to my own blog. I really dislike the narrow column. It makes my reviews look like novels in their own right. Congrats on the changes.

  3. Bookfool, your blog is on Blogspot, so you can do the same thing I did.

    Just go to your Dashboard and click on the "Design" tab and then on "Template Designer." It's almost intuitive from there on.

    You might also look at the links posted by The Pajama Pundit in his Comment here -


  4. here to second the NEW COKE comment. Old version looks distinct, special, personal, new one: too bright, too much light which drowns the great fotos you often feature (the illuminated gospel for instance now looks nothing but bland, doesn't it?)

    Does it help my case if I tell you that I visit your blog daily? Back..., old version...., pretty, pretty please?

  5. Just a "maybe" is all I can offer. I'm going to continue to try revising the site. The wider central column stays for sure. The background is incidental and may be subject to change. But my next fiddling will be with the fonts and colors.

  6. I have to agree, the new design is far from pretty. The old one had a certain style which the new one lacks.

    That, and I suspect you did not test this design on a monitor with more than 1680 or so in horizontal resolution. It breaks horribly on anything wider than that. At 2048, the design is terribly broken.

    Finally, while http://themes.googleusercontent.com/image?id=1OACCYOE0-eoTRTfsBuX1NMN9nz599ufI1Jh0CggPFA_sK80AGkIr8pLtYRpNUKPmwtEa has a certain appeal, the main content lies over what makes it interesting. I.e. without the middle, the new pic is somewhere between boring and annoying.

    Sorry for the harsh words, but it's better to be honest, no?


    PS: I mainly use the RSS so I don't have any idea how long the new design has been in place.

  7. I appreciate the comments, Richard. My iMac has I think 1680x1050 resolution; I have nothing else to test this on.

    The background theme is just a standard template from blogspot; I'm not tied to it. I was trying other ones today.

    It'll be weeks before I get this all sorted out.

  8. Sure, take your time. The design is not what people come here for, anyway :)

    For reference, this is how it looks for me: http://img602.imageshack.us/img602/2220/tywkiwdbi.png

  9. I vote for the new format and the old header picture.


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