27 December 2010

Omagh, Northern Ireland, 1998

The photo was taken seconds before a Republican bomb, stashed in the trunk of the red car, went off killing twenty nine including many of those pictured. The camera was later retrieved from the rubble.
Found at Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog, which has lots of interesting material.


  1. This was August 15th 1998, not 1997. Omagh is my hometown, my family home is 15 minutes walk from where this picture was taken. A glass obelisk now stands in memorial at this spot.

  2. Fixed. Thank you, Anon.

    I am recurrently amazed by the breadth of knowledge and experience of the readers of this blog.


  3. I was in Ireland on vacation the day the bomb in Omagh went off. Although we had been in Dingle, we had to call several people in the US to let then know we had been nowhere near the bombing after it hit the news.


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