27 December 2010

Holiday greetings from TYWKIWDBI

It's a bit late to wish readers here a Merry Christmas, but I do want to offer season's greetings to everyone.

I also need to append a brief, probably unnecessary, cautionary note.  Instead of blogging this coming week, I'm going to take some time to try to revise the master template for the blog.  I've wanted for a long time to widen the central column so that it's not always necessary to click the images to appreciate them.  Kevin has done this successfully at Nothing to do with Arbroath, so I'm encouraged by his results, and I've been assured by various people that "nothing can go wrong" and that the process will not jeopardize the content already posted.   If I did lose all 7,500 old posts, I think I would probably hang up my blogging hat for good.

At the very least, the blog may "look funny" for a while, because I will surely lose the logo photo and I'll probably tweak the color scheme and such to see what is most visually appealing and most readable.

Fingers crossed...


  1. my husband tweeked my blog to make it wider. If you like I can share his code. Makes the edges square though...


  2. I'm a little jealous, Woosang, because that's kind of the effect I'm going to try for.

    I'll try on my own a time or two, but may contact you later for code if/when I get frustrated/fail.


  3. Happy holidays to all!

    Stan, I'd be happy to offer any assistance on the blog-template front. Also, Amanda at Blogger Buster is a fantastic resource (this post in particular to what you are doing) for all things Blogger.

    Let me know if I can help -- I know how frustrating template revisions can be...

  4. You can test-drive template changes by using your browser's "Save Page As..." function with the "Web Page, complete" / "All files" option (this should give you HTML and CSS files to edit and preview at your leisure).

    I am probably not the only one who would be disappointed if you hung up your blogging hat for whatever reason, so I followed the How To Backup A Blogger Blog guide and snagged an archive of all your public posts and comments to date: informationoverlord.com/tywkiwdbi


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