31 December 2010


Esperanza, a fluffy white shepherd mix, was discovered on a wilderness reserve near Red Deer in Central Alberta by animal rescue worker Criss Gerwing earlier this month, according to the Free Press. Esperanza had reportedly been hit by a car and her leg was badly broken.

When Gerwing approached the friendly pooch, this exceptional mother led her straight to a den where she was nursing a very unusual litter. "I cried because she was in such bad condition with her leg, but she was obviously nursing her puppies and this kitten," Gerwing told reporters...
The rest of the story is at PawNation and the Winnipeg Free Press.  Incredible that she could ambulate with the fracture shown on the x-ray.  Story worthwhile (but mute button recommended).


  1. Why would I want to use the mute button? I really enjoyed the inspiring music. I'll put some on my pancakes in the morning. Oh, well, maybe not...

  2. Oh, what a tearjerker of a tale. Wonderful though. (The music didn't even register...I was too busy wiping my eyes.)


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