24 November 2010

Ophidiophobes should not click on this video

I was called in to remove an unknown number of snakes waiting out the winter inside of a garage of a Scottsdale, AZ home. In this video, I had discovered where they were, and went back to get my gear for the capture.

The lights are off because there is no power in the home.

These snakes have not been harmed in any way, and will be relocated to the wild as soon as possible.
 I bet you jumped at the 0:40 mark.  Via Nothing to do with Arbroath.


  1. I wouldn't do that with the lights on. Another good reason not to live in Arizona.

  2. I'm clearly not afraid of snakes. Worth being concerned about and cautious but nothing like that tower climbing video recently posted.

  3. @JD- How about climbing the tower to capture snakes at the top:)
    I'll stay home for both.

  4. totally jumped/gasped at :40. by the way, just wanted to say i really, really enjoy your blog.

  5. As a resident of Arizona, I have removed many biting and stinging things from the garage- tarantulas, giant desert centipedes, scorpions, black widows. Friends have dealt with rattlesnakes. Some things can be shooed with a broom. Others face the edge of a shovel.

    Unfortunately, rattlesnakes do very poorly when relocated as they are territorial. When safety of people and other animals is an issue, the snakes go to the uh, um, "snake farm". In the sky.

    Scary video.

  6. (we're from Taos, NM) My family and I are guilty of sending two rattle snakes into the afterlife. Which I regret to this day. Mainly it was done out of ignorance and fear when I was young. But to kill one of the only dangerous snakes that is actually "kind" enough to audibly warn potential victims seems like a stupid move. I've heard that Rattlers have started to become more and more quiet as the louder ones are easier to hunt and kill... effectively breeding quiet rattlers.


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