21 November 2010

Get your prostate checked !!

Today I finish my eighth year of survival after resection of locally invasive prostatic carcinoma.  I credit that survival to 1) awareness and 2) early detection.  If you are a male in your 50s (or younger, if you have a family history), ask your doctor to draw a PSA blood test.

Alternatively, if you take an airplane trip in the United States, the TSA will probably do the exam for you.

The photo does not depict what it feels like to have a digital prostate exam.   It DOES, however, reasonably portray what it's like to get a prostate biopsy.  Good luck.

Photo credit Reuters.


  1. It must have been a difficult experience--painful and frightening both. Thank goodness you're around to celebrate eight years, and to encourage others to be tested.

  2. Ouch!! doesn't even do that photo justice.

    Thanks for reminding men to take the time for this important exam. Also congratulations on reaching the 8-year mark.

  3. bull fighting is disgusting.


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