24 November 2010

Award-winning wildlife photograph

This photograph of Leeds City Center by Paul Hobson won an award in the Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen (GDT) [Society of German Nature Photographers] photography competition for 2010, in the category "Man and Nature."

Don't see the wildlife?  Keep looking... (or see the caption at the Guardian link).

Via a gallery at The Guardian.


  1. There's an arrow pointing right at it! Geez people. : )

  2. My home town. If I remember rightly, they were on the innercity loop road near the market.
    They became celebrities, as they raised their chicks in full view on two consecutive years.
    Then, the next winter, the council altered the light to discourage a return....
    We assumed they regarded it as a safe place, dry, and always warm from the lights. Might have been an easy incubate!


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