26 November 2008

US Air pilot refuses to fly with sikhs on board

"Three eminent Sikh religious musicians were thrown out of a US Airways flight after the pilot refused to fly with them onboard in California... The three had boarded the plane in Sacramento on November 15 after being cleared by security...

The three... were sitting together in the rear of the aircraft, in their assigned seats. After having been on the plane for approximately ten minutes, they were approached by one of the ticket-reception desk workers and asked to exit the plane.

While none of the three could adequately comprehend or speak English, the group complied and exited the aircraft... The interpreter informed Iqbal Singh, on behalf of the US Airways representatives, that the pilot was refusing to fly if they were onboard the aircraft, it added."

(If I were president of that airline, that pilot would be unemployed effective tomorrow.)


  1. I can understand being concerned about an articulable security risk. I agree Stan. This pilot needs to be fired immediately. The key is articulable. "He's Arabic" doesn't count.

  2. Actually "He's Arabic" would be an even worse answer. Sikhs are not Arabs.


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